Favourite YouTube Fitness Channels For Home Workout

I am aware that right now the world is experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. At this moment, I hope that everyone stays safe and practices social responsibilities such as social distancing; good hygiene habits, stay at home if you are unwell, try to avoid going to crowd places and the list goes on…

I assumed that there would be lesser people heading to the gym and choose to stay at home as much as they could but you can always workout at home and it’s free! There are a lot of fitness channels on YouTube but I will be sharing my top 5 favourite channels that I find it most effective in sweating it out at home.

FYI: I am a female with a height of 1.62m (5’3″) and weigh about 53kg (117 pounds). My BMI is about 20 which is a healthy standard. I know some might think that my weight could probably be considered as “fat” as most women want to achieve the ideal weight of 50 kg and below. Personally, I feel that weight is a numerical value that does not have justice against the muscle to fat ratio in your body.

What matter to me is that I feel satisfied after each workout session and I do see a progressive result as I workout regularly about 4 – 5 times a week. I know some people would “forced” themselves to workout because they are “supposed” to do so. This is a wrong mindset for one to attain as it can cause you to have a negative association and become a dreadful thing that you have to do. Workout should be a thing that you look forward to or enjoy doing so.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

1) Blogilates

Blogilates was the first fitness channel that I discovered back in 2014. Back then I remembered she had about 400K subscriber but now she had 4.89 million subscribers. Cassey Ho, her actual name, is a certified fitness instructor that motivates you to workout and I truly enjoyed all her workout series. I remembered struggling through her “Victoria Secret workout series” that was posted 7 years ago. As time passed by, her channel grew and more people got to know about her till she became who she is today. Until now, she is still one of my favourite fitness channels that I would go to.

Cassey Ho’s workout are suitable for the majority and focus on classic pilates moves with a twist, she does have modification for beginners too. She created a monthly workout plan that you can use for free and a program called PIIT28 which is a 28 day training program, subscription fees apply.

Here are some workouts that you can try at home:

For more information: YouTube|Blogilates

2) POPSUGAR fitness

POPSUGAR’s YouTube channel has approximately 3.89 million subscribers. They have a great variety of workouts that includes cardio dance, kickboxing, barre that you can do if you are bored with doing your usual abs or HIIT workout. They also have workout plans such as 21 days full body transformation or 4-week full body fusion etc where you can sign up for free.

The good thing about their workout is that they provide modification for different level (beginner, immediate and advanced level). You just have to follow their instruction and listen to what they say carefully. I truly enjoyed their workouts and I felt that they make each workout session fun!

Here are some of the workouts you can try at home:

For more information: YouTube|Website|Program

3) Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting’s YouTube channel has approximately 3.37 million subscribers. She was born in Brunei but based in Melbourne, Australia and graduated with a master degree in financial marketing. I do not know much background information about her. If you are interested, you can always find out more about her.

Chloe Ting’s workout videos are suitable for everyone and she does have modification for beginners or if you want to do it less intense. Most of her workout videos are less than 30 minutes which is an efficient to working adults, working mums or even students. I have tried her workout and I could feel the burn after each workout session.

On top of that, Chloe Ting has videos on healthy food recipes as well as her vlogging. She also provide free monthly workout programs on her website that you can follow.

Here are some of the workouts you can try at home:

For more information: YouTube|Website

4) MadFit

MadFit’s YouTube Channel has approximately 2.06 million subscribers. She is known as Maddie Lymburner, her actual name. She released E-cookbooks that you can purchase and get access to recipes for 100 over vegan meals. Likewise, I do not know much background information about her.

Maddie Lymburner’s workout videos are suitable for the majority whether you are working out at home or at the gym. Most of her workouts are under 20 minutes which is efficient for working adults, working mums or even students. I have tried her workout and I liked how she is creative incorporating combination moves for some workout that make it slightly challenging for each session.

Here are some of the workouts you can try at home:

For more information: YouTube|Website

5) Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif’s YouTube channel has approximately 2.12 million subscribers. She is one of Germany’s most famous influencer and I found out about her through Instagram explore feed. She does not a lot of workout videos compared to other fitness channels but I swear her workouts sure pack a punch! Pamela Reif also released a cookbook available in German and English which you can purchase. An E-book edition is available too!

Pamela Reif’s workout videos are suitable for the majority especially toward people who have basic fitness foundation or people who are working out often/frequently. Not to worry about those who are new or just started working out. She does provide beginner workout that you can follow. I have tried her workout and I do enjoyed her workout even though it was tough. One thing about her workout is there is no rest after each move, so she would straight away begin the next move. That’s how vigorous her workout is!

Here are some of the workouts you can try at home:

For more information: YouTube|Cookbook – Eng edition

I have come to the end of my post, if you are interested in any of the fitness channel that I mentioned above, feel free to click on the link. Most of the workout video that I recommend to try at home are less than 20 minutes.

If you are new or just started working out, I suggest you to start with the beginner workout and gradually progress from there. There is no such thing as an instant result but a progressive result that can be achieved through regular workout regime for weeks or months. It is also important to warm-up and cool down before and after each work out session!

Disclaimer: If you are having any injuries or knee-related problem, kindly consult your doctors or physiotherapist for advice before commencement on the workout regime to prevent worsening your injuries or knee.


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